Madeleine Vibert

They Stole My Innocence

They Stole My Innocence

The shocking true story of a young girl abused in a Jersey care home


'Lying in the prison of my bed, his dark silhouette closes in, a pillow in his hands. My throat tightens in fear…’

At the tender age of five, Madeleine was living a daily nightmare. In a dark, grey building on Jersey, she was just another orphan, defenceless and alone. She was also an easy target.

Unbeknownst to the outside world, the care home manager was abusing her, using her like she was his toy. “Say nothing, no one will believe a nasty little kid like you,” he’d whisper. Terrified, Madeleine would keep quiet. And, worse still, the home was selling the children to men who would inflict on them the worst possible abuse. No one cared.

This is Madeleine’s heart-breaking story and her fight to survive.