J.J. Sutherland



The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time


‘This book contains immense practical value that could be transformative for your company.’ STEPHEN LUNDIN

‘Full of engaging stories and real-world examples . . . On a mission to put this tool into the hands of the broader business world for the first time, Jeff Sutherland succeeds brilliantly.’ ERIC RIES
SCRUM is the revolutionary approach to project management and team-building that has been transforming the way businesses operate for over ten years. Adopted by world-leading organisations such as Google, Amazon and the FBI, it has been proven to slash costs and working hours while simultaneously delivering staggering productivity increases of as much as 400–800%.

This anniversary edition of the bestselling productivity bible is now updated with new case studies and new methods for working faster and smarter. Filled with actionable tips on how to build teams, set goals and monitor progress, it also includes cutting-edge research on the psychology of how we work and stay motivated.
Scrum provides a simple framework for solving what seem like intractable and complicated work problems.’ SHAWN ACHOR

‘If there was a Nobel Prize for management, and if there was any justice in the world, I believe that the prize would be awarded . . . to the invention of Scrum.’ Forbes

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