Laurence Blair

150 Years of Solitude

150 Years of Solitude

Bolivia's Dreams of the Sea


Why does a landlocked nation need a navy?

Over the centuries, Bolivia has lost territory to Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Paraguay, but its greatest loss was access to the ocean. It lost its only coastline to Chile 150 years ago, but the wound is still fresh. Without a single glorious military victory in their past to provide a cohesive, foundational myth, Bolivia is only able to teach its children failures and defeats.

But as Laurence Blair reveals, recent events mean that hope is on the horizon – Bolivia’s navy may soon sail again. Through first-hand reportage, 150 Years of Solitude examines a country’s history of failure and the idea of nation; its deep sense of injustice and isolation; and its dreams of reclaiming a future that hangs in the balance.

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