Snigdha Poonam

Lady Singham's Mission Against Love

Lady Singham's Mission Against Love


In a small rural town in India, a female police officer, known as Lady Singham, has achieved local fame for one thing: she has made it her professional and personal mission to launch a violent attack on love.

Before her arrival, no one had even seen a female police officer riding a motorbike. But now she is indispensable to the community. She prowls the streets and public places – parks, bars, cafés – looking for couples who are kissing, holding hands or simply in the same place at the same time. Her solutions range from violent beating to on-the-spot weddings and her work is praised by everyone.

In a country that is modernising and growing at an astounding rate, concerns about morality are rife; with young people glorifying big-city culture and Bollywood films, many feel that Lady Singham’s justice is more necessary than ever.

Through extraordinary first-hand reportage, Lady Singham's Mission Against Love provides an unusual and surprising insight into small-town Indian life.