Emma Cannon



Nourish and balance your body ready for baby making


A beautifully illustrated and comprehensive lifestyle guide to help you achieve optimum health for conception and pregnancy from fertility expert Emma Gannon, covering diet, physical and mental health.

Fertile is the book every woman should read, it's not just about getting pregnant it's about nurturing our femininity and really taking care of ourselves.' -- Madeleine Shaw
'Really informative, great to have these details in one place and trust what your reading' -- ***** Reader review
'A must if going through IVF' -- ***** Reader review
'This book is incredible' -- ***** Reader review
'This book talks to you like a caring, gentle and experienced friend' -- ***** Reader review
'Her approach to food and fertility really helped me to relax and I felt nourished just reading the book' -- ***** Reader review
'Life changing' -- ***** Reader review
'I love this book, if it wasn't called Fertile it would be called Nourish' -- ***** Reader review

Fertility expert Emma Cannon brings a holistic approach to fertility, fusing Eastern and Western traditions with great success in her London clinic.

This beautifully illustrated book brings together her wealth of experience to give readers practical ways to improve their health and wellbeing ready for conception and pregnancy.

You will find:

* Over 50 recipes with key nutrients to nourish your body
* Cleansing plans to optimise your health
* Targeted advice for those undertaking IVF
* Holistic approach to specific fertility problems such as PCOS and endometriosis
* Advice on how to rebalance after miscarriage

If you want a book that explains how to change your mindset and approach to fertility in a really supportive, informative way then this is the book for you.