Ruth Jones

Ruth Jones

Love Untold

Love Untold

An uplifting and emotional read about mothers and daughters from the Sunday Times number 1 bestselling author


* 'A big warm blanket of a book. I loved it' JOJO MOYES
*'Heartfelt, joyful, brave, utterly compelling' RACHEL JOYCE
*'I adored it' JOANNA CANNON
*'Ruth Jones at her very best' SARAH TURNER
*'Joyful, life-affirming' ADELE PARKS
*'I feel bereft now it's over' CLARE POOLEY

The funny, moving and uplifting new novel from Ruth Jones, co-creator of Gavin & Stacey and author of the Sunday Times bestsellers Never Greener and Us Three.

Grace is about to turn ninety. She doesn't want parties or presents or fuss. She just wants to heal the family rift that's been breaking her heart for decades.

But to do that she must find her daughter Alys - the only person who can help to put things right.

And when she finds her - if she does - she risks betraying granddaughter Elin. Who is far less forgiving of the past, with its hurts and secrets and lies. Meanwhile Grace's great-grand-daughter Beca is oblivious to all these worries, too busy navigating the highs and lows of teenage life and keeping secrets of her own.

All families have their problems. And most of them get resolved. But Grace's problem is thirty years old. And she doesn't have time on her side.

So is it too late for her to make peace? Or is reconciliation still within reach?

Love Untold is about mothers and daughters and the complex bond between them. It's about the heartache that comes from leaving things unsaid and the power of true forgiveness. It is a joy-filled, life-affirming, sob-inducing novel - with characters you'll come to know and love - from no.1 bestselling author Ruth Jones.


'Ruth Jones writes with such warmth you can't help but fall in love with the characters she creates. It's always grounded, always real, always comforting, always ultimately full of love' James Corden

'Jones's trademark warmth and humour suffuse the novel with comedy and pathos, making for a heart-warming, entertaining and, at times, deeply moving story' The Observer

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