Lucy Dillon

Lucy Dillon

After the Rain

After the Rain

The incredible and uplifting new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author


'Brimming with all the ingredients for the best of novels: love, community spirit, family, friendship and four-legged friends.' Milly Johnson
'Heartwarming and full of hope. Lucy Dillon brings warmth to every page' Sarah Morgan

After the storm it's time for a fresh start . . .

First, the clouds...
Tara Hunter is a therapist on a mission to restore Longhampton's community spirit after catastrophic flooding. But with her boyfriend AWOL, her family fragmented, and only a cat for company, Tara's own life is crumbling.

Then the storm...
On top of everything, Tara's father - last seen as he walked out on her when she was ten years old - is suddenly back, with a surprising offer that could change everything.

And after the rain...
Dr David Dalloway is Longhampton Wellness Centre's new star counsellor. He's charming, caring and has a knack for reading people's minds - which is the last thing Tara needs right now. Will having David and her dad around make for a bigger storm on the horizon? Or is this Tara's chance for a fresh start?

'Beautifully written with humour and insight' Katie Fforde

Readers love After the Rain:

'I enjoyed this book immensely... Her characters are people you want to spend time with' *****
'This really tugs on your heartstrings' *****
'This book is a joy to escape into.' *****
'I have to confess I look forward to a new Lucy Dillion book every year, I get into a hot bubble bath, apply a face back and settle in for a good cosy read... and I was not disappointed with this year's offering...' *****
'This is a book that becomes a friend and you never want it to end because you know you will miss their company.' *****

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