Mitch Benn

Mitch Benn’s Crimes Against Music: The Complete Series 1-3

Mitch Benn’s Crimes Against Music: The Complete Series 1-3

A BBC Radio Comedy Series


Music, mayhem and madness from Mitch Benn and Robin Ince

There can be only one parody musical master, and Mitch Benn thinks it’s him. Although Richard Stilgoe may have something to say about that…

Laugh out loud as Mitch sets out on a musical journey through the showbiz glitz and backstage litter of pop music. Teaming up with Mitch is comedian Robin Ince, and between them they delve into the world of super fans, the glamorous trappings and excesses of pop-star life and its highs and lows. Along with special guest presenters, they wonder if you really can manufacture greatness, why pop stars need fans, and the art of self-promotion. Can death revive a rock star's career? How many people does it take to make something a music 'scene'? And is heavy metal getting soft?

Mitch’s music-master credentials are tested in every episode as he performs a newly written song, hoping to prove he is indeed the world’s greatest musical satirist. Robin Ince’s trademark cynicism and occasional appearances as Satan make this a fast-paced, hilarious show full of musical mastery, mayhem and laughs. When, in search of global superstardom, the duo try and take their show on a world tour, things only get funnier.

Mitch Benn has been a regular voice on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show and has toured extensively as a comedian in the UK and internationally. Co-writer Robin Ince is a comedian and radio presenter, perhaps best known for his comedy science radio show The Infinite Monkey Cage, which he presents with Professor Brian Cox.

If you’re a fan of Alex Horne Presents The Horne Section or Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better, you’ll love this anarchic mix of music and comedy. Listen for the first time to all three series – you won’t be able to resist tapping your foot to the beat…

Written by Mitch Ben and Robin Ince
Produced by Adam Bromley

Mitch Benn
Robert Ince
Alfie Joey
Tash Baylis
Kirsty Newton
Jane Perry
Craig Campbell
Tom Price
Lloyd Langford
Steven Kynman
Brendon Burns

With special guest:
Richard Stilgoe

First Broadcast BBC Radio 4, 19 February 2004 – 4 July 2006

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