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This Book Will Make You Stronger – The Guide to Journalling for Men


Discover the life-changing benefits of journaling with the MindJournal guide to journaling for men.

'This book has the power to change lives.' -- Professor Karen Pine - Leading Psychologist & Founding Director of Do Something Different

'This beautifully simple, practical book has opened my mind to the life-affirming, health-giving benefits of 30 minutes of daily journaling' -- ***** Reader review
'A revelation - thank you!' -- ***** Reader review
'A brilliant book to learn about yourself' -- ***** Reader review
'Buy this know and change your life' -- ***** Reader review
'Incredible' -- ***** Reader review
MindJournal is a groundbreaking movement that's helped thousands of guys to change their lives.

Guiding you through a scientifically researched framework, MindJournal: This Book Will Make You Stronger will help you to understand the powerful benefits of journaling - leading to a healthier and happier life.

While the objective is to get you writing, the ultimate goal is to help you become more aware of how you look after yourself and the people around you.

Using the 30-question writing program, with detailed explanations and plenty of motivation and support, this book will become a personal trainer for life.