Robert Dinsdale

Robert Dinsdale

Paris By Starlight

Paris By Starlight


A magical new novel from the acclaimed author of THE TOYMAKERS, perfect for fans of Neil Gaiman and Erin Morgenstern.

'A spellbinding tale of nocturnal life and magic in the streets of Paris tells of the courage it takes to be different and follow your dreams.' WATERSTONES

'Beautifully captures the hazy dissonance of storytelling and invention.' GUARDIAN

Every city has its own magic...

Every night on their long journey to Paris from their troubled homeland, Levon's grandmother has read to them from a very special book. Called The Nocturne, it is a book full of fairy stories and the heroic adventures of their people who generations before chose to live by starlight.

And with every story that Levon's grandmother tells them in their new home, the desire to live as their ancestors did grows. And that is when the magic begins...

But not everyone in Paris is won over by the spectacle of Paris-by-Starlight. There are always those that fear the other, the unexplained, the strangers in our midst. How long can the magic of night rub up against the ordinariness of day? How long can two worlds occupy the same streets and squares before there is an outright war?

Readers love Paris by Starlight!
'Robert Dinsdale, I salute you! A smorgasbord of delights. It's a wondrous thing to be able to visit Paris by Starlight and I'd recommend a trip to you all!'

'Beautifully written and its observations on human nature are spot on. Exceptionally cleverly done. Exceptionally written piece of fabulism with gorgeous, evocative imagery.'

'A real treat and just as enchanting as Dinsdale's The Toymakers. Full of magic as well as being a moving tale of displacement, longing and love.'

Lovely cover and beautiful prose. I'm about half way through and enjoying every page'

'A truly magical tale that couldn't be more relevant for our times.'

'A gorgeously written tale of love and acceptance'

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