Steve Burdett

As Per My Previous Email ...

As Per My Previous Email ...

Decode Your Inbox, One Pass-Agg Message At A Time


Change your outlook. Win at work.

Boss every Pass-Agg office situation ever with this hilarious survival guide.

Spending most of our lives at work, it's no wonder tensions run high. We've all been cc'd (code for 'this isn't my problem'), we've all received the 'thanks in advance' (code for 'you don't have a choice') and we've all relished the moment when we can send the 'As per my previous' (code for 'see the email I already sent, you moron').


Subject Field Stresses

The Passive-aggressive Art of Copying In

Culling of the Dear: Salutations!

'Hope You're Well...': and other rage-inducing Opening Lines

Direct Mail: Getting to the Point

XXXX: Navigating Awkward Sign offs and Signatures

Double-O Nothing: Weird and Pointless Out Of Office

This laugh-out-loud book translates the most unbelievable Pass-Agg, rage-inducing things we say and do on office email, what they say about the sender, and offers helpful lines so you will always win at work.