Danielle Noel

The Book of Tarot

The Book of Tarot

A Modern Guide to Reading the Tarot


Unlock the magic of the Tarot, set goals and intentions with clarity and learn how to handle your deck with confidence as a tool of self-discovery with this stunning and beautifully illustrated guide from Tarot expert and creator of the renowned Starchild Tarot, Danielle Noel .

'This book will be right at home on the book shelves and altars of Lightworkers, spiritual seekers and personal development enthusiasts everywhere' -- Vix, founder of 'New Age Hipster'
'Made for the spirit-bound, magic-seeking, wandering soul... We cannot recommend the insight of this book enough!' -- Paula Pavlova, co-founder of 'GAIA Collective'
'Divine beauty and insights on every page.' -- Lauren Luquin, author of 'Astrology of Herbs & Tarot'
'A great book for beginners, easy to use and great with the cards by the same author' -- ***** Reader review
'This book is an absolute must have!!!' -- ***** Reader review
'Informative, fantastic and lovely to look at' -- ***** Reader review
'This book is wonderful' -- ***** Reader review
'Seriously blew me away! Unlike anything from this planet!' -- ***** Reader review
'Truly surpassed my expectations!' -- ***** Reader review
'So insightful' -- ***** Reader review

Unlock your magic.

The Tarot is an empowering and wise tool that has been used for generations. Guided by creator of the Starchild Tarot, Danielle Noel, The Book of Tarot introduces the Tarot to a new audience of readers who are rediscovering the cards as a means of self-discovery, meditation and reflection.

Beautifully designed and easy-to-navigate, learn the full meaning behind the cards, how to handle your deck, unlock its magic and use it to set personal goals and intentions with clarity and confidence.

This book can be used with all decks, but features images of the stunning Starchild Tarot throughout.

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