Amy Ransom

The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook

The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook


The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook is every mum’s essential companion and journal BEYOND THE FIRST YEAR - whether you have a toddler or pre-schooler in tow.

Reassuring, joyful and down-to-earth, it will inspire and encourage you – and make you see that YOU'RE A GREAT MUM, JUST AS YOU ARE.

The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook will take you beyond the first year of life with your child up until the moment they’re ready to start school, giving you a place to celebrate all of your victories, no matter how small. It will prompt you to think about yourself whilst caring for others and help you to remember, in years to come, how you felt and just how brilliant your toddler or preschooler was.

With pages and pages of reassurance, self-care and space to write down all your thoughts and memories, The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook will make you feel good about yourself – and about how you’re already raising your child.


* Perfect for gift for yourself or a friend with a pre-school child aged 1-5 years old - start on page 1 any day and any year, whatever their age.

* Beautifully designed pages of reassurance, self-care advice, journal space, affirmations and simple recipes

* Takes you through every stage of the pre-school years (and what you, as a mum, will need!)

* Milestone charts for mum and child

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