Leona Deakin

The Imposter

The Imposter

A chilling and unputdownable serial killer thriller with a jaw-dropping twist


He doesn't just want your identity. He wants your life...

No one sees him coming.
A stock-market trader is pushed from a high-rise balcony and falls to his death on the street below. The only clue the police can find is a box of matches.

No one survives for long.
The decomposing body of a member of the Saudi Royal Family is discovered in a car. Evidence suggests the killer took the man's life, then stole his identity, wore his clothes and lived in his hotel room - before vanishing into thin air like smoke.

Nothing but matchsticks are left behind.
Dr Bloom realizes the only thing linking these murders is a trail of burnt matches and broken lives. Time is running out - and if she isn't careful, she might be the next to burn ...

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'Stylish, glamorous, and clever, The Imposter had me hooked, right from its killer opening - Leona Deakin is the real deal.' Andrea Mara


'Jam-packed with excitement and twists around every corner' *****
'Once again Leona Deakin has hit the ball out of the park' *****
'What a gripping book, so many brilliant twists and turns' *****
'This book is unlike any other crime/mystery novel that I have ever read' *****
'A really intense and gripping read' *****
'Well written and a real page-turner' *****
'I was completely riveted by this book' *****

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