Clare Pooley

The People on Platform 5

The People on Platform 5

A feel-good and uplifting read with unforgettable characters from the author of The Authenticity Project


<h2>Get ready to hop onboard this summer's unmissable book - the perfect feel-good and heart-warming read.</h2>

Readers are falling in love with The People on Platform 5:

'Incredible book, full of joy and warmth and love!'
'A great novel with some truly wonderful characters'
'The fantastic cast of eclectic characters will steal your heart & have you rooting for their happy endings'
'A feel-good, once-in-a-lifetime story'
Every day at 8:05, Iona Iverson boards the train to go to work with the same group of people who she makes assumptions about, even giving them nicknames. As a seasoned commuter, she knows there are rules that everyone should follow:
· You must have a job to go to
· Don't consume hot food
· Always pack for any eventuality
· You must never speak to strangers on the train

But then, one morning, Smart-but-Sexist-Surbiton chokes on a grape right in front of Iona. Suspiciously-Nice-New Malden steps up to help and saves his life, and this one event sparks a chain reaction.

With nothing in common but their commute, an eclectic group of people learn that their assumptions about each other don't match reality. But when Iona's life begins to fall apart, will her new friends be there when she needs them most?


'Utterly gorgeous. A proper good pick-me-up of a book' RUTH JONES

'Sunny, funny and full of heart' NITA PROSE, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Maid

'Warm, funny and moving, with an unforgettable cast of characters' ROSIE WALSH

'Full of original characters and wisdom. I absolutely loved it' KATIE FFORDE

'Feel-good fiction at its best' SOPHIE COUSENS, author of This Time Next Year

'A 1st class journey' BETH MORREY

'A gloriously entertaining and completely addictive read' HAZEL PRIOR

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