Kalisa Augustine

The Energy Book

The Energy Book

Supercharge your life by healing your energy


You are your own healer. Discover how with this book.

We are in 'The Age of Energy' Gwyneth Paltrow
'A must read for all healers and those seeking healing.' David Grand, PhD (Developer of Brainspotting)

Your energy is your essence. It's your personal power source. It influences the life choices you make. If your energy is blocked, you can feel unwell and you can get stuck in negative routines.

This down-to-earth, comprehensive guide to the ancient and modern traditions of energy healing will enable you to tune in to your energy and awaken your power. Explore ancient and modern healing techniques - from reiki to sound healing, crystal healing to shamanic healing, meditation to breathwork.

Use your energy to live more positively, to manifest your goals, to stay grounded, and to find greater calm and happiness.