Ailsa McFarlane

Highway Blue

Highway Blue

the must-read modern-day Bonnie and Clyde story of summer 2022


'Holds you captive like a blues song' Olivia Sudjic

In San Padua you can never get the ocean out of your brain.

Anne Marie's husband Cal left her on their first anniversary. Two years later and she is still adrift, living a precarious life of shift work and shared apartments.

When he shows up on the doorstep, clearly in trouble, she reluctantly agrees to a drink. But later that night a gun goes off in an alley near the shore and the young couple flee together, crammed into a beat-up car with their broken past, desperate to fill their lives on this long stretch of road under hot skies.


'Poignant, moving and cinematic' An Yu
'Beautiful' Observer
'Unforgettable' Elaine Feeney
'Gripping' Stylist