Emily Houghton

Take a Chance on Me

Take a Chance on Me


She likes to be in control.
Olivia Jackson’s life is one big to-do list. But after her sister tragically dies and leaves her a ticket to go travelling, Olivia has to leave her perfectly ordered world – albeit with a meticulously organised itinerary.

He throws caution to the wind.
Jacob Green couldn’t be more different. He’s been travelling the world for five years and lets destiny decide where he goes next with a roll of some dice.

Do opposites really attract?
When the two first meet, Olivia finds Jacob’s laid-back attitude infuriating. Not to mention her unanswered question as to why he’s been travelling for so long without going back home. But as they part ways, she can’t help but wish her carefully laid plans involved him.

Will fate bring them together again? And if it does, what secret is Jacob hiding?

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