Ada Moncrieff

Murder at Maybridge Castle

Murder at Maybridge Castle

The new murder mystery to escape with this winter from the 'modern rival to Agatha Christie'


The brand new, festive murder mystery for 2023 from 'modern rival to Agatha Christie' Ada Moncrieff

It's Christmas 1937 and an eclectic list of guests and staff have gathered for the grand re-opening of Maybridge castle, a newly renovated yet still crumbling hotel deep in the Cumbrian countryside. They are:

The ex-socialite owner
The Doctor and his new wife
The stylish journalist
The know-all housekeepers
The still-grieving widower and his son
The tarot readers
The passionate academic
The persistent investigative reporter
The elder amateur sleuth, and her cat

An innocent game of murder-in-the-dark will turn into a real game of life and death. And by the time the first sherries have been drunk, one of these people will be dead - and one of them the killer. Someone has changed the rules, but who?

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