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Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Novels Volume 5

Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Novels Volume 5

10th Doctor Novels
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David Tennant, Anthony Head, Don Warrington and Shaun Dingwall read these five original stories featuring the Tenth Doctor.

In The Stone Rose, a missing boy and a srange stone effigy spell trouble for the Doctor and Rose. In The Feast of the Drowned, the dead crew of a naval cruiser haunt loved ones all over London. The Resurrection Casket finds the Doctor and Rose in search of lost treasure, whilst The Nightmare of Black Island takes them to a Welsh village where a village where children are plagued by nightmares, and the nights are ruled by monsters.

The Art of Destruction is a story of alien intelligence, ancient conflict and a struggle to save the Earth, and in The Price of Paradise our travellers find that a once-perfect ecosystem has become a death trap.

Also included in this collecton are behind-the-scenes conversations with the book's authors and readers.

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