Steve Jones

Terminally Kill

Terminally Kill


Ray might be about to die. But he’s sure as hell not going quietly …

Former policeman Ray ‘Sugar’ Leonard is no stranger to bad breaks. But even Walter White never had to open up and share his feelings with a bunch of misfits like Ray’s chemotherapy group: a giant God-bothering Welsh bouncer, a sharp-suited wannabe Wolf of Wall Street, and a misanthropic, potty-mouthed little old lady. Compared to that lot, getting mugged on his way home from the clinic was almost a relief.

But Ray is not your average victim. And when his training kicks in and his would-be attacker winds up dead, he wonders, who else might be equally deserving of such summary justice? After all, he’s got cancer, what’s he got to lose?

Then Ray lets slip his new philosophy to the group and it soon becomes clear that he’s not the only one with murder in mind …

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