Bella Lack

The Children of the Anthropocene

The Children of the Anthropocene

Stories from the Young People at the Heart of the Climate Crisis


Across the planet, the futures of young people hang in the balance as they face the harsh realities of the environmental crisis.

This urgent book chronicles the lives of the diverse young people on the frontlines of the environmental crisis around the world, amplifying the stories of those living at the heart of the crisis.

Advocating for the protection of both people and the planet, Bella restores the beating heart to global environmental issues, from air pollution, to deforestation and overconsumption by telling the stories of those most directly affected. Transporting us from the humming bounty of Ecuador's Choco Rainforest and the graceful arcs of the Himalayan Mountains, to the windswept plains and vibrant vistas of life in Altiplano, Bella speaks to young activists from around the world including Dara McAnulty, Afroz Shah and Artemisa Xakriabá and vividly brings the crisis to life.

Bella's manifestos for change will inspire you to rediscover the wonders and wilds of nature, listen to different perspectives and, ultimately, change the way you think about our planet in crisis. This is your chance to hear the urgent stories of an endangered species too often overlooked: the children of the Anthropocene.