Felice Fallon

Interviews with an Ape

Interviews with an Ape


'I will remember the story of Einstein for the rest of my life ... This book should be read by everyone.' VIRGINIA MCKENNA

'An unusually powerful book - and a timely one too.'

'Revealing, perceptive and chilling in turns, the book is unlike any other I have read. Felice Fallon's ability to write with so many voices makes Interviews with an Ape compelling and thought-provoking. It will break your heart and change your mind.' JOANNA LUMLEY
This is a book about vulnerable animals and the humans who interact with them. And it's about us. Our pasts and our present, and the way we see the world.

It's about the triumph of hope, our infinite capacities to endure and to love - and how we survive through the tales we tell.

Most of all it's a story of homecoming told through a gorilla called Einstein who comes to us with a remarkable secret. He can communicate with humans through sign language.

Interviews With An Ape is a work of imaginative daring, written with a direct simplicity yet deep insight. A novel of beginnings and endings, destruction and restoration, its many voices will linger long in the memory and in the heart.
'A rare and sparkling jewel - actually, a veritable treasure chest. I found myself falling in love with Einstein ... So smart, yet he breaks your heart.' CELIA IMRIE

'Stunningly original, moving and engrossing.' DEREK JACOBI

'In this powerful book, Felice Fallon opens us to the infinite possibilities of the consciousness of other species. In a story told with compassion and candour, Fallon succeeds in bringing a new and vital challenge to our the long-held belief of "us" and "them".' ESTHER WOOLFSON, author of Between Light and Storm: How We Live with Other Species

'A life-changing book which shines a light on humanity in a way that I have seldom read. I would urge you to read it and let it cast its spell on you!' JENNY SEAGROVE

'A thoughtful, audaciously panoramic novel, told with a brio that belies the horror.' MAIL ON SUNDAY 'BEST NEW FICTION'

'Fallon's intent is to explore the way in which apparently dumb animals are not only far more intelligent than has been previously perceived, but also have valuable, even vital, things to teach humanity. She succeeds, admirably and affectingly.' OBSERVER, NEW REVIEW

'Affecting and delivered without mawkishness.' NEW STATESMAN

'Moving as well as shocking. The ending does what books often have to try harder than movies to achieve: it makes you cry.' THE HERALD SCOTLAND