Henry Paker

Dexter Procter the 10-Year-Old Doctor

Dexter Procter the 10-Year-Old Doctor


It was clear from an early age that Dexter Procter was different.

He started speaking at four seconds old. By the age of three, he had 87 A-levels, from Afrikaans to Zoology.

And by ten, he was working as a paediatrician at Lilydale General Hospital.

Despite a loving but annoying family and a couple of good friends (Rupi and Otto), Dexter’s always struggled to fit in. Add to this a mortal enemy (Dr Drake) and a major problem at his old school (all the teachers struck down with awful diarrhoea) – will Dexter be able to save his job, save the school and find his place in the world? (Spoiler alert: yes!)

A laugh-out-loud new series about the world's youngest doctor from the record-breaking Adam Kay and Henry Paker.

'Original, very funny, ultra-informative - and children will love all the disgusting parts.’ Jacqueline Wilson

'From the brilliant mind of Adam Kay comes a story that redefines the 'junior' in 'junior doctor.’ David Solomons

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