Amol Rajan



How We Can Make a Better World


After darkness, there is always light

In a time of increasing uncertainty, Rethink offers a guide to a much-needed global 'reset moment', with leading international figures giving us glimpses of a better future after the pandemic. Each contribution explores a different aspect of public and private life that can be re-examined - from Pope Francis on poverty and the Dalai Lama on the role of ancient wisdom to Brenda Hale on the courts and Tara Westover on the education divide; from Elif Shafak on uncertainty and Steven Pinker on Human Nature to Xine Yao on masks and Jarvis Cocker on environmental revolution. Collectively, they offer a roadmap for positive change after a year of unprecedented hardship.

Based on the hit BBC podcast, and with introductions by presenter and journalist Amol Rajan, Rethink gives us the opportunity to consider what a better world might look like and reaffirms that after darkness there is always light.

RETHINK List of contributors

Carlo Rovelli - Rethinking Humanity
Pope Francis - Rethinking Poverty
Peter Hennessy - Rethinking Democracy
Anand Giridharadas - Rethinking Capitalism
Jared Diamond - Rethinking a Global Response
Ziauddin Sardar - Rethinking Normality
The Dalai Lama - Rethinking Ancient Wisdom
C.K. Lal - Rethinking Institutions
Jarvis Cocker - Rethinking an Environmental Revolution
Clare Chambers - Rethinking the Body
Steven Pinker - Rethinking Human Nature
Tom Rivett-Carnac - Rethinking History
Jonathan Sumption - Rethinking the State

David Skelton - Rethinking Industry
Emma Griffin - Rethinking Work
Caleb Femi - Rethinking Education
Gina McCarthy - Rethinking Activism
Tara Westover - Rethinking the Education Divide
Kwame Anthony Appiah - Rethinking the Power of Small Actions
Charlotte Lydia Riley - Rethinking Universities
K.K. Shailaja - Rethinking Development
Samantha Power - Rethinking Global Governance
KT Tunstall - Rethinking the Music Industry
Rebecca Adlington - Rethinking the Athlete's Life
Brenda Hale - Rethinking the Courts
Nisha Katona - Rethinking Hospitality
Katherine Granger - Rethinking the Olympics
David Graeber - Rethinking Jobs
James Harding - Rethinking News
Carolyn McCall Rethinking Television

Mohammad Hanif - Rethinking Intimacy
H.R. McMaster - Rethinking Empathy
Carol Cooper - Rethinking Racial Equality
Paul Krugman - Rethinking Solidarity
Amonge Sinxoto - Rethinking Safety
Reed Hastings - Rethinking Togetherness
Kang Kyung-wha - Rethinking Accountability
Lucy Jones - Rethinking Biophilia
Colin Jackson - Rethinking Our Responsibility for Our Health
Mirabelle Morah - Rethinking Ourselves
Nicci Gerrard - Rethinking Old Age
Brian Eno - Rethinking the Winners
Jude Browne - Rethinking Responsibility
Elif Shafak Rethinking Uncertainty

Amanda Levete - Rethinking How We Live
Niall Ferguson - Rethinking Progress
David Wallace-Wells - Rethinking Consensus
Margaret MacMillan - Rethinking International Cooperation
HRH The Prince of Wales - Rethinking Nature
Onora O'Neill - Rethinking Digital Power
Matthew Walker - Rethinking Sleep
Henry Dimbleby - Rethinking How We Eat
Eliza Manningham-Buller - Rethinking Health Inequality
Pascal Soriot - Rethinking Medical Co-operation
Xine Yao - Rethinking Masks
George Soros - Rethinking Debt
Mariana Mazzucato - Rethinking Value
Douglas Alexander - Rethinking Economic Dignity

Peter Frankopan - Rethinking Asia
Stuart Russell - Rethinking AI
DeRay McKesson - Rethinking the Impossible
V.S. Ramachandran - Rethinking Brains
Seb Emina - Rethinking Travel
Aaron Bastani - Rethinking an Aging Population
Rana Foroohar - Rethinking Data
Anthony Townsend - Rethinking Robots