Samantha Rockey

The Social Brain

The Social Brain

The Psychology of Successful Groups


'A remarkable and important book . . . a highly accessible, timely and invaluable guide to anybody working in groups.' Prof Paul Gilbert OBE

How can we work more successfully with others?
How can we form better relationships and build trust?
How do we create great, high-performing teams?

In this groundbreaking new book, world-leading experts in evolutionary psychology and strategic leadership come together to offer a primer on how to build groups that succeed and thrive together. They show how an understanding of our 'social brain' can help us build productive relationships. They explain the science of group dynamics and what size group is most suited to the task at hand. They offer practical hints on how to diffuse tensions and encourage cohesion. And they demonstrate the vital importance of balancing a sense of unity with the need to encourage different outlooks and strengths

This is a brilliant guide to how our social brains work – and how to make the best use of them.

'This wonderful book reminds us that businesses are also biological and social . . . It could not be more timely, wise and useful.' Margaret Heffernan, author of Wilful Blindness