Gladys Jose

Leonora Bolt: The Great Gadget Games

Leonora Bolt: The Great Gadget Games


The fourth hilarious book in the brilliant STEM adventure series Leonora Bolt. With glorious illustrations by Gladys Jose throughout.

It's Leonora first ever Christmas on Crabby Island!

Among homemade presents made out of recycled junk and boiled cabbage candy canes, she finds a mysterious invitation to a new, global invention competition: The Great Gadget Games.

The ho-ho-host is her evil Uncle Luther, and the judges are Harry and Eliza Bolt. . .Leonora's kidnapped parents!

Leonora HAS to enter and WIN the competition - it's got to be her best ever chance to finally rescue mum and dad, and foil Luther's schemes once and for all!

All she needs is her imagination, a foolproof disguise, and help from some fellow young inventors.

Violet Baudelaire meets Peanut Jones in this epic STEM-themed adventure about believing in your brainpower - and yourself.

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