Kalwant Bhopal

Race and Education

Race and Education

Reproducing White Supremacy in Britain


Why is our education system unequal?
How does race play a part?
Is Britain still institutionally racist?

Education remains the greatest indicator of life chances in Britain. What we study, where we study, and how long for shape all aspects of our lives. Our careers, our long-term health, our wealth and security are all moulded in the classroom.

But who we are ultimately matters the most.

In Race and Education, Professor Kalwant Bhopal shows how race still determines who gains the best education in Britain, and who falls by the wayside. Through case studies, original research and interviews with students, teachers and academics alike, she reveals how the construction of privilege starts at a young age: with Whiteness taking some students on a gilded path from cradle to career, while many still struggle to build the futures they deserve.

This book highlights how classrooms and lecture halls are at the centre of perpetuating White privilege - and how racism continues to exist in Britain.

'A timely and excellent book that makes clear the role racism continues to play in shaping education. A must read for teachers, school leaders, parents and politicians. We need more honest, crucial, refreshing and rigorous work like this.' - Kehinde Andrews