Harvey Karp

Baby Bliss

Baby Bliss

Your One-stop Guide for the First Three Months and Beyond


There is a new five-step secret to an automatic 'switch off' for your baby's crying.

Dr Harvey Karp reveals an extraordinary treasure sought by all parents - how to calm a crying baby in a matter of seconds.

A gentle antidote to rigid routines, Baby Bliss is a wonderful blend of ancient and modern advice and wisdom.

Bringing your baby home for the first time is often a worrying time, so give yourself a little support and feel happy in the knowledge that your baby will feel calm and content if you follow Dr Karp's simple advice.

With pragmatic guidance and simply suggested baby schedules Baby Bliss's tips can be easily applied by both mothers and fathers.

Dr. Harvey Karp's successful method includes these revolutionary concepts . . .

· The Calming Reflex: The automatic rest switch to stop any baby crying in the first few months of life.
· The Cuddle Cure: The Five S's that can calm even the most colicky of infants, including 'swaddling' and 'shhh' for soothing sounds
· Night-time peace: The simple routines that will help baby (and parent) to relax and sleep through the night

...and there'll be no more tears before bedtime.

'Karp has devoted his entire career to babies and part of the appeal of Karp's methods for calming babies is that they don't require anything fancy . . . any blanket will do' The New York Times