Andrew Palmer

Jim the Great

Jim the Great

A BBC Radio Comedy


A historical romp with regal trips to the pub, medieval battle toys, and not-so-arranged marriages

In Jim the Great, Jimmy Edwards stars as the titular medieval chieftain who has more on his plate than whatever the huntsman's brought in...

From using the Venerable Bede to research the King's (perhaps questionable) ancestry and attempting to build himself an empire as cheaply as possible, to settling a debt with a Viking by way of a duel and accidentally losing his Kingdom before becoming a grumpy galley slave rowing to Rome, King Jim's adventures are history as you've never heard it before.

A classic comedy from the writer of Take Me To Your Reader and Drop Me Here, Darling, and with a fantastic cast including June Whitfield, Chris Emmett, David Ryall and Joan Sanderson, this is the perfect listen for a little royal entertainment.

Jimmy Edwards - Jim the Great
Joan Sanderson - Queen Esmerelda
Other roles played by:
Julian Orchard
John Baddeley
Ronald Baddiley
David Ryall
Jon Glover
Chris Emmett
Kenneth Connor
Fred Harris
Alexandra Dane
Douglas Blackwell
Nicolette McKenzie
June Whitfield

Production credits
Written by Andrew Palmer
Produced by Edward Taylor

©2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2023 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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