Guy Gordon

The Highland Vet

The Highland Vet

A Year at Thurso


Discover the charms and challenges of working at Scotland's most northerly mainland veterinary practice.

From performing farm animal caesarean sections at all hours to missing special occasions in order to treat much loved family pets in crisis, no two days in the work of vet Guy Gordon and his team are ever the same.

Based in Thurso, northern Scotland, the small group of vets and their supporting staff cover a vast area of more than one thousand square miles. The expansive, wild and rural landscape in which they operate brings a huge variety of work depending on the season, with the delivery of newborn lambs and calves in the spring, and the arrival of seal pups to the northern Scottish coast starting in the autumn months.

The Highland Vet shows what working in one of Britain's most beautiful and remote locations really involves. Inside, Guy and his team share the highs and lows, ups and downs and ins and outs of their daily work throughout the course of a year, making this a truly magical celebration of Scotland's northern Highlands, as well as the animals and people who call the region home.