Tim Vasilakis

The Athenian

The Athenian

Eat Like a Greek


Cook like an Athenian and eat like a Greek

Since its humble market stall beginnings in 2014, The Athenian has established itself as the best place for Gyros this side of the Mediterranean. Now the beloved restaurant chain is sharing the secrets of some of its most popular Greek recipes.

Travel from Athens to the beautiful Greek islands from the comfort of your kitchen with The Athenian Cookbook. Packed with 62 recipes, these simple yet bold dishes are perfect for all the family.

Learn the secret behind the famous Greek Yoghurt Dip and Souvlaki Sauce and immerse yourself in Greek cuisine with Greek Roast Lamb, Meatball Soup and Shrimp Saganaki. Satiate your lunchtime hunger with Greek Frittata and Beef Burgers, and satisfy your sweet tooth with Apple Filo Pie and Chocolate Mousse. For a light meal, try out a Greek Club Sandwich or Lentil Soup, or for a quick bite, a Greek Village Salad or Greek Roasted Vegetables are perfect options. Plus, with Vegan Seitan Gyros and Vegan Moussaka, there's something for everybody.

From delicious snacks to mouthwatering gyros, quick light bites to comforting family favourites, The Athenian Cookbook is authentic, accessible and packed with attitude.