Florence Schechter



An empowering celebration of the vulva and vagina


Florence Schechter, creator of the world's first Vagina Museum, is here to take you on a journey towards celebrating, understanding and appreciating your vagina. And once you set off, you'll never look back.

By the end of this empowering and inclusive book, you will be ready to talk about the vulva shame-free. You will discover art that admires the vulva. You will learn how our ancestors believed in the power of periods. And you will bust myths, feel confident in your body and find your Big V Energy!

Because, if the word is taboo, how can you talk about your vagina's health? If you can't label the vulva, how can you fight for its rights? And if you don't know how extraordinary the vulva and vagina really are, you'll never realise the incredible power between your legs.

With fascinating contributions from leading activists and experts.

Suitable for ages 14+