Paul Sellar

How to Build a Supertower

How to Build a Supertower

A BBC Radio 4 full-cast thriller


Robert Glenister stars in this compelling corporate thriller about a self-made property tycoon who sets out to build a brand new London skyscraper

Property magnate Max Silver is in trouble. His West End properties are starting to crumble, his assets are turning into liabilities and his business empire's on the rocks. With the company in danger of going under, he shakes up his property portfolio, ditches his shiftless partner, Larry, and brings his brother Teddy and daughter Zara on board.

Then the Lord Mayor of London asks him to build an iconic skyscraper in the heart of the capital - a 1000ft, state-of-the-art tower that will show off London to the world, and be a defiant new national symbol. With an eye to his family's future - and his personal legacy - Max agrees, and with the help of high-profile architect Katalina, the Hourglass is born.

But it soon begins to look as if this prestigious project will never get off the ground. From planning permission to political opposition, the obstacles pile up - and when his legitimate funding is suddenly withdrawn, Max is left at the mercy of shadowy forces. As old scores are settled, and new enemies emerge, he will need all his charm, ruthlessness and deal-making skills to avoid the many traps put in his path by big business - and by sheer human folly...

Written by acclaimed dramatist Paul Sellar, this gripping full-cast drama takes you on a roller-coaster ride through the cut-throat world of international commerce, via corruption, intrigue, dodgy finance, kidnapping and intimidation. It stars Robert Glenister as Max, with Catherine Cusack, Katherine Press and Sean Baker.

Written by Paul Sellar
Directed by Jessica Dromgoole, Jonquil Panting and Sasha Yevtushenko

Max Silver - Robert Glenister
Carol - Catherine Cusack
Teddy - Sean Baker
Zara - Katherine Press
Katalina - Daphne Alexander
Kolo - Buom Tihngang
Larry/Kevin - Paul Hickey
John/Gavin - Shaun Mason
Maryam - Susan Jameson
Sasha - Andrew Byron
Clem - Vineeta Rishi
Angus - Nicholas Murchie
Asha - Nokukhanya Masango
Fadi - Alexander Devrient
Rory - Jonny Holden
Jack - Ben Crowe
Zoe - Tife Kusoro
Sunil - Bhasker Patel
DK - Sagar Radia
Karakas - Chris Pavlo
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 2-5 September 2019

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