Sahaj Kaur Kohli

But What Will People Say?

But What Will People Say?

Navigating Mental Health, Identity, Love and Family Between Cultures


Growing up in the USA as a child of South-Asian immigrants, Sahaj straddled multiple cultures. While reading self-help and going to therapy helped her make sense of the world and her psyche, she soon realised that the advice of white, western writers didn’t cater to her experience. Unlike the outside world, at home the idea of mental health was feared as a sign of weakness, often met with the question ‘But what will people say?’ And for many like her who are navigating two cultures at once, the traditional advice to just ‘set boundaries’ or ‘put yourself first’ is not possible, or even safe.

Since then, Sahaj has made it her mission to make therapeutic advice accessible and inclusive of the multicultural experience. Combining her personal story with research, insights from her personal and online communities, and practical advice, this book is a much-needed and revolutionary approach that enables multicultural people to show more compassion for themselves, for others and, above all, feel seen.