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Neil Clark



The perfect story for children with worries


An empowering picture book to help children channel worries into excitement and bravery!

Aah, Ooh and Eek are three very worried friends. They worry EVERYWHERE - in school, at the park, in the pool, and especially in the dark. Sometimes their worries get so big, they just don't know what to do!

Luckily someone is there to help - their good friend Pow! Pow helps listen to their worries, shows them how to calm their busy minds, and together they learn that sometimes worried butterflies inside can be excitement too!

This relatable picture book will help children to manage their worries, find their confidence within and shine like the stars they are! The playful characters, bouncy rhyming text and vibrant artwork make this the perfect book to enjoy together.

Includes a mindfulness activity at the back of the book.

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