Godfrey Harrison

A Life of Bliss

A Life of Bliss

A BBC Radio 4 vintage comedy


George Cole stars in the classic BBC Radio sitcom about a bashful, bumbling bachelor

First broadcast in 1953, A Life of Bliss ran for six series and 118 episodes on radio, concluding in 1969 when a TV series was made. Sadly, most are missing from the BBC archive (including the first seven, starring David Tomlinson) - but 19 were rescued and rebroadcast by BBC Radio 4 Extra, and are included here.

They chronicle the misadventures of shy, absent-minded bachelor David Bliss, who goes through life with his head in the clouds and his mind in a fog. His friends and family agree that it's high time he settled down, but it's hard to find the right girl - though he's sure she'll come along sooner or later. Perhaps pretty Penny Gay will fit the bill - or Maxine, or Zoe...

In the meantime, he's happy to live the single life: though he does keep finding himself in awkward situations. Fortunately, his sister Anne and brother-in-law Tony are around to provide support and encouragement - and he can always rely on his best friend, faithful canine companion Psyche.

Created by Godfrey Harrison, who went on to write TV scripts for Tony Hancock, this delightfully light comedy stars George Cole as Bliss, with Diana Churchill as Anne, Colin Gordon as Tony and Percy Edwards as Psyche the Dog. Among the guest stars are Petula Clark, Desmond Carrington and Donald Sinden.

Production credits
Written by Godfrey Harrison
Announcer: Kenneth Kendall
BBC Variety Orchestra conducted by Paul Fenhoulet
Produced by Leslie Bridgmont

First broadcast on the BBC Home Service on the following dates:

Finding a Girlfriend 20 October 1954
Office Secrets 13 August 1957
Maxine 20 August 1957
The Flat 27 August 1957
Penny Gay's Return 3 September 1957
Two Dozen Red Roses 31 December 1958
A Spy in the Camp 7 January 1959
A Woman Scorned 21 January 1959
An Expert In Confusion 28 January 1959
A Slave of Fashion 4 February 1959
A Moving Story 11 February 1959
United They Stay 18 February 1959
Oh Brother 25 February 1959
Battle of the Sexes 4 March 1959
The Anniversary 11 March 1959
Man at Bay 18 March 1959
Mixed Feelings 25 March 1959
Dangerous Company 1 April 1959
Pleasure As Usual 8 April 1959

David Bliss - George Cole
Anne Fellows - Diana Churchill
Tony Fellows - Colin Gordon
Psyche the Dog - Percy Edwards
Penny Gay - Petula Clark
Mrs Bliss - Gladys Young
Mr Bliss - Ernest Jay/Carleton Hobbs
Mr Hood - Barry K. Barnes
Maxine Avery - Sarah Lawson
Zoe Hunter - Sheila Sweet
Marcia Hammond - Gwen Cherrell
Phil Bender - Donald Sinden
With Terence Alexander, Maxine Audley, Desmond Carrington, Belle Chrystall, Felix Felton, Gladys Henson, Nan Kenway, Rolf Lefebvre, Sheila Manahan, Hugh Manning, William Mervyn, Rosemary Miller, Ella Milne, Elsa Palmer, Judith Stott, Eleanor Summerfield, Frederick Treves, Ruth Trouncer, Una Venning, Tony Vickers, Virginia Winter

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