Johnny Speight

The Arthur Haynes Show

The Arthur Haynes Show

Selected Episodes from the BBC Radio Vintage Comedy


The legendary comedian stars in his wickedly funny sketch show, written by Johnny Speight

Arthur Haynes was the most popular comedian in Britain from the late 1950s. His hit TV sketch show ran for 15 series, winning him the Variety Club Award as ITV Personality of 1961, and the following year it was adapted for BBC Radio. Included here are a collection of the best surviving radio episodes, featuring the classic comic battles between Haynes and his long-suffering straight man, Nicholas Parsons.

In these fun-filled sketches, lead-swinging Arthur bothers his GP, a dodgy decorator torments a house-proud customer, a dubious visitor takes advantage of Vicar Parsons’ charity, and more... There are also frequent appearances from Arthur’s most famous and best-loved character, truculent tramp Hobo Haynes, who delights in recalling how he spent the war ‘up to me neck in muck and bullets’.

Written by Johnny Speight, who went on to create Alf Garnett in BBC TV’s sitcom Till Death Us Do Part, this hilarious show boasts a stellar supporting cast, including Patricia Hayes, Norma Ronald, Barney Gilbraith, Dorothy Dampier, Leslie Noyes and Dermot Kelly. Musical interludes are performed by The Temperance Seven with vocalist 'Whispering' Paul McDowell, Joe Brown & The Bruvvers, The Peter Crawford Trio, and The Hedley Ward Trio.

Please note: The humour in this programme reflects the era in which it was broadcast and may not reflect current attitudes. Due to the age and off-air nature of the recordings, the sound quality may vary.

Cast and credits

Written by Johnny Speight

Produced by Richard Dingley

Starring Arthur Haynes

With Nicholas Parsons, Patricia Hayes, Lesley Noyes, Dorothy Dampier, Barney Gilbraith, Norma Ronald, Gary Watson, Joyce Stewart, Graham Stark, Dermot Kelly

Songs by Janie Marden, Craig Douglas, Sheila Buxton, Dickie Valentine, Susan Maughan, Gerry Grant, and Danny Williams

Music by The Temperance Seven, 'Whispering' Paul McDowell, Joe Brown and The Bruvvers, The Peter Crawford Trio, The Hedley Ward Trio
Featuring the BBC Revue Orchestra conducted by Malcolm Lockyer and the BBC Variety Orchestra conducted by Paul Fenoulhet

First broadcast BBC Light Programme, 22 Oct 1962-18 Aug 1963

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