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Laura Jane Williams



The most fun rom com of 2023 – get ready for romance with a twist!


'An impossibly fun romance with an all-too relatable message, Lovestruck is the perfect escapist treat from one of the best romance writers out there' Lindsey Kelk

This isn't one love story. It's two.

Becca Calloway is calling it: she's ready for Mr Right, and she's ready now.

She even goes as far as to hold a manifestation ceremony for him - and when she receives a text from her ex five minutes later, she knows it's a sign.

The problem is, she doesn't know which way it's pointing...

Should Becca reply and reignite things with her old flame Mike? Or delete and block, moving forward with the new man in her life?

Becca has one choice, with two ways this could go. And in Lovestruck, you're about to see them both...


'Laura Jane Williams combines sharp, relatable wit and bold, joyful sincerity' Dolly Alderton

'A fresh, smart, modern rom com. It had me totally gripped!' Beth O'Leary

'An absolute delight!' Emily Henry

'Perceptive, funny and ultimately hopeful - the perfect tonic' Sophie Cousens

'I can't remember the last time a book made me forget I had a phone. Pure escapist fiction!' Stacey Halls

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