Christy Mangan

Cracking the Case

Cracking the Case

Inside the mind of a top garda


After a forty-year career in the Irish police Christy Mangan knows how hard it is to solve a murder. Now, in Cracking the Case, he takes a deep dive into how investigations are run.

The book includes infamous and iconic cases such as that of the priest whose violent death after a high society wedding became a source of feverish conspiracy theories; the notorious 'Scissor Sisters' case in which two sisters killed and dismembered their mother's abusive lover; and the tragic murder of a teenager as part of a gangland turf war in a small Irish town.

In these and other fascinating stories, Mangan details the care investigators take in trying to give victims' families answers and to see justice done. He also shows a deep understanding of the complex reasons people are drawn into crime or commit unthinkable acts.

Cracking the Case is a remarkable insight into the mind of a gifted police officer working at the highest level.