Safiyya Vorajee

Loving and Losing You, Azaylia

Loving and Losing You, Azaylia

My Inspirational Daughter and our Unbreakable Bond


'Azaylia was guiding me every day and I loved being able to look up to the sky and tell her: "I want to be like you, Azaylia. You're my hero and my inspiration. You taught me this, princess. Thank you."'

Safiyya Vorajee and Ashley Cain's beautiful baby daughter, Azaylia, was eight weeks old when she was diagnosed with leukaemia. Six months later, Azaylia's parents had to say their final goodbyes. Sharing her story in full for the first time, Safiyya hopes to bring comfort to others, to show mothers the strength they possess and to honour Azaylia's life in every way she can.