Rosey Davidson

The Just Chill Baby Sleep Book

The Just Chill Baby Sleep Book

Easy and Empowering Sleep Solutions


Joe & Rosie Wicks
'We are all getting a good night's sleep, thanks to Rosey'

No one can prepare you for the sleep deprivation of having a newborn. The truth is, there is no magic wand - but there is straight-forward, actionable advice that will set your baby on a path towards a settled night's sleep.

Baby sleep guru Rosey Davidson has been helping new parents with sleep for over a decade. She knows first-hand that every baby is different and that no parent needs to suffer with sleep struggles long term.

In this empowering and non judgemental book, Rosey sets out clear, practical solutions to help you make the right sleep decisions for your family. Covering every conceivable challenge that you may encounter in the first year, this is your nurturing guide to the methods that really work.

Whether you are in a fog of sleepless nights or expecting your bundle of joy, let this book be your guiding light, helping you to calmly and confidently navigate your baby's first year.