Dr Idrees Mughal

Saturated Facts

Saturated Facts

A Myth-Busting Guide to Diet and Nutrition in a World of Misinformation


Does Diet Coke really cause cancer? Are eggs healthy? Does alcohol stop fat burning? And what steps can you take to avoid obesity, diabetes and heart disease?

TikTok sensation Idrees Mughal (dr_idz), an NHS doctor with a degree in nutrition, busts through the troubling advice available on social media to look at the cutting-edge science around some of the most exciting topics in diet and health: the link between nutrition and our mental wellbeing; the science behind gut health and how our gut acts as our 'second brain'; chrono-nutrition (the timing of when and what we eat); the role of inflammation in the body; popular diets including keto, fasting, vegan and detoxes, and how to lose weight sustainably and for the long term.

Dr Idz's mission is to provide you with scientifically accurate information to make the best decisions about your health, cutting through the noise so you can eat better, feel good and live longer.