Lawrie Kinsley

The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket

The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket

A BBC Radio 4 comedy collection


Three charming comedy series starring the dear ladies of a musical bent, Dr Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket

Meet Hinge and Bracket, the delightful double act brought to sublime life by George Logan and Patrick Fyffe. Lifelong companions and musical collaborators, they enjoy nothing more than performing around the piano together, and trading light-hearted banter spiced with comic innuendo and a double entendre or two.

Collected here are the very best of their radio appearances, including the pilot episode and first series of The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket. From their home in the genteel Suffolk village of Stackton Tressel, the pair embark on a variety of adventurous escapades, such as staging a murder mystery, taking part in a sonic jamboree with Peter Pratt, appearing on Desert Island Discs with Roy Plomley, sailing off on a musical cruise and orchestrating a last-minute royal celebration.

Also featured are 17 episodes from The Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket. Introduced by entries from Dame Hilda's diary, they chronicle the further misadventures of the dear ladies, including organising a Fancy Dress Ball, dealing with mice, woodworm and a headstrong donkey, partaking in a little too much home-made wine and squabbling over a holiday - and the milkman.

Rounding off the merriment is At Home with Hinge and Bracket, in which we join the duo for six informal soirees as they entertain celebrity guests Benjamin Luxton, Evelyn Laye, Jack Brymer, June Whitfield, Rosalind Plowright and Anthony Newley with their inimitable mix of songs and witty conversation.

NB: Due to the age and nature of the recording, it contains language that some listeners may find offensive

Production credits
Starring George Logan as Dr Evadne Hinge and Patrick Fyffe as Dame Hilda Bracket

The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket
Maud - Daphne Heard
Mr Fewster/Mr Greenaway - Duggie Brown
Walter - Joe Gladwin
Violet - Daphne Oxenford
Peerless Peter Pratt - Peter Pratt
Roy Plomley - Himself
Mr Percival - Joe Black
Brigadier Roland Baines - Michael Bates
Captain Frobisher - Donald Hewlett
Doctor Matthews - Jonathan Howell
Jean-Pierre - Andre Maranne
Mr Smollett - David Marlowe
Written by Mike Craig, Lawrie Kinsley and Ron McDonnell. Produced by James Casey and Mike Craig. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 25 August 1976 & 16 March-8 June 1977.

The Random Jottings of Hinge and Bracket
Maud - Daphne Heard/Jean Heywood
Tom - David Griffin
The Major - Anthony Sharp
Peter Moore - Chris Emmett
Mandy Moore - Frances Jeater
Gudrun - Liz Smith
With guest appearances including Timothy Bateson, Graham Stark, Richard Davies, Graham Crowden, Frank Williams, Douglas Blackwell, Percy Edwards, Sheila Keith, John Baddeley, Eva Stuart, Geoffrey Whitehead and Marcia King. Written by Gerald Frow. Produced by John Dyas and John Fawcett Wilson. First broadcast on BBC Radio 2 16 April 1982 - 19 March 1989.

At Home with Hinge and Bracket
With special guests Anthony Newley, Rosalind Plowright, June Whitfield, Jack Brymer, Evelyn Laye and Benjamin Luxton. Produced by John Fawcett Wilson. First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 16 November-21 December 1990

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