Clayton Aldern

The Weight of Nature

The Weight of Nature

How a Changing Climate Changes Our Minds, Brains and Bodies


It is now inarguable that climate change threatens the future of life on Earth. But in The Weight of Nature, award-winning journalist and neuroscientist Clayton Page Aldern shows that the warming climate is not just affecting our planet - it is affecting our brains and bodies too.

Drawing on six years of ground-breaking research, Aldern documents a burgeoning public health crisis that has gone largely unreported. Eco-anxiety, he shows us, is just the tip of the iceberg. The rapidly changing environment is directly intervening in our brain health, behaviour, decision-making and cognition in real time, affecting everything from spikes in aggravated assault to lower levels of productivity and concentration, to the global dementia epidemic. Travelling the world to meet the scientists and doctors unravelling the tangled connections between us and our environment, and reporting the stories of those who are already feeling these shifts most keenly, Aldern shows how a weary world is wearing on us.

Written in urgent and deeply moving prose, The Weight of Nature is a revelation, bringing to light the myriad ways the changing environment is changing our very humanity from the inside out.