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Stephen Fisher

Sword Beach

Sword Beach


'Stephen Fisher is one of the best kept secrets in military history. With his wealth of knowledge and exacting eye for detail, his book on D-Day is sure to impress a vast audience' Dan Snow

'Stephen Fisher... is a very rare beast - a man who can bring stunning research and scholarship hand-in-glove with the gifts of a fine story-teller' James Holland

Filling a massive gap in D-Day literature, marine historian Stephen Fisher provides fresh insight and unrivalled coverage of one of the least well know of the D-Day landings.

Although they are well known, coverage of the action on Sword, Juno and Gold beaches is relatively sparse and overshadowed by the more famous American landing at Omaha. In fact, the capture of all the beaches were events in their own right, full of drama and incident, and in particular, Sword Beach turned out to be crucial in securing the Normandy Landings.