Paul Dix

When the Parents Change, Everything Changes

When the Parents Change, Everything Changes

Seismic Shifts in Children’s Behaviour


‘The principle at the heart of Paul Dix’s book is singularly powerful: that if we want to build a loving, resilient relationship with our children, we need to start with ourselves.’ Dr Tina Payne Bryson, co-author of The Whole-Brain Child

The culture of any home is determined by the parents. If you can remain unflappably calm in the face of every supermarket tantrum and sarcastic eye-roll, order will soon follow.

Here, bestselling author Paul Dix reveals how to turn even the most chaotic home into an oasis of calm – by focusing not on your children’s behaviour, but on your own. You will never need to raise your voice again.

‘An absolute game-changer . . . I laughed, nodded, winced a few times and most importantly felt inspired to make slow, incremental changes to how we do things in our house.’ Sarah Turner, aka The Unmumsy Mum

‘How simple techniques, and a different way of thinking, can change the entire atmosphere at home.’ iNews