Breanne Mc Ivor

The God of Good Looks

The God of Good Looks


Getting a second chance is a beautiful thing…

Bianca Bridge’s personal and professional lives are in tatters. She has lost her beloved mother and has only a distant relationship with her self-made father. And now, she’s been outed as the mistress of a government minister – ending her journalism career before it had even started.

All but unemployable, she is astonished when tyrannical make-up artist Obadiah Cortland, Trinidad’s legendary ‘God of Good Looks’, hires her as his new assistant.

At first, Bianca can’t stand her fierce new boss – and he lets her know the feeling is mutual. But when her ex threatens both their futures and working together becomes their last resort, she begins to glimpse another Obadiah beneath the façade he’s so carefully cultivated.