Martha Deiros Collado

How to Be The Grown-Up

How to Be The Grown-Up

Why Good Parenting Starts with You


Drawing on her years of experience as a clinical psychologist, as well as her growing and dedicated social media community, Dr Martha Deiros Collado's first book is the must-have toolkit for any parent.

Martha understands the many modern-day parenting struggles and worries we all face: How can I make my child listen to me? Can I stop a tantrum in its tracks? What can I do when my child feels sad? Why does my child only eat three very particular things without having a meltdown? What should I do when I lose my sh*t?

With humour, boundless energy, wit and warmth, Dr Martha tackles it all; from how to talk about honesty and lies, death, co-parenting, consent, gender, attachment, boundaries, and tantrums, as well as the small but critical day to day challenges parents face. And she explains why beneath each dilemma, it's the behaviours and scripts we learned as children that shape the parents we become.
This deceptively simple and always empathetic guide promises to become the new word of mouth 'must have' for parents or any grown-up interested in what makes a healthy, happy, confident parent and child.