L. D. Smithson

The Escape Room

The Escape Room


Eight contestants. One killer. Can you find the traitor?

'Wow! What a page-turner. I'm a Celebrity meets Lord of the Flies.' Emma Curtis

‘The pace never slackens.’ Faith Martin

'Dark, disturbing and addictive.' L. C. North

Everything is a clue.
Bonnie arrives on a remote sea fort off the coast of England to take part in a mysterious reality TV show. Competing against seven strangers, she must solve a series of puzzles to win the prize money, but this is no game - and the consequences of failure are deadly.

No one leaves.
Under scrutiny from the watching public, the contestants quickly turn on one another. Who will sacrifice the most for wealth and fame? And why can't Bonnie shake the creeping sense that they are not alone?

The only way out is to win.
When the first contestant is found dead, Bonnie begins to understand the dark truth at the heart of this twisted competition: there's a killer inside the fort, and anyone could be next. If Bonnie wants to escape, she needs to win...

Are you ready to play?

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